Day care

We provide a home visiting day care service for dogs, cats and caged pets. This service is offered on a day-to-day basis whilst the owner is at work and over a longer period of time during weekends away or holidays. Our service includes:

For dogs

  • Walking/playing
  • Feeding and cleaning of bowls
  • Changing water

For cats

  • Unlocking/locking of cat flaps
  • Playing
  • Feeding and cleaning of bowls
  • Changing water
  • Cleaning litter trays

For caged pets

  • Feeding and cleaning of bowls
  • Changing water
  • Clearing and cleaning of cage/hutch etc…

In addition to the above services we will also provide home activity, if requested, at no extra cost during scheduled visits. This can include pulling curtains, clearing post and the turning on and off of lights.

We will even take out and return your rubbish bins as part of your usual waste collection schedule. This along with daily vehicle activity can provide additional security for your home and peace of mind for you in your absence.

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Dog Walking, Day Care and Dog Sitting provided throughout the Chilterns area

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